July 30, 2020

Metro Bible Project Hosted by Independent Baptist Church


The LORD is allowing us more time to prepare with printing New Testaments and with planning the outreach. We are currently still having New Testaments printed in preparation for the opening of the Washington, D.C. Metro System. As of today, it is still closed.

We want to thank those who have already given to print these New Testaments and want to encourage those of you who are able, to please continue to give towards this monumental project of getting God’s Word to everyone who rides the Washington, D.C. Metro system.

Every day, 626,000 people ride the Washington, D.C. Metro system. Our goal is to distribute 500,000 New Testaments in Washington, D.C. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Inside the New Testament, there will be a directory of Independent, Baptist churches around the Beltway along with a Gospel explanation and reader’s guide. On the back, will be images and links to salvation testimony videos via a QR code using a mobile device. The testimonies will be from a variety of people, will be closed-captioned, and will include testimonies in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

The project will require a tremendous amount of work, coordination, and financial investment. God promised His Word will not return void. We ask you to prayerfully consider committing manpower and finances to back this immense endeavor.

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor T. Michael Creed
Independent Baptist Church
Clinton, MD

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